Welty’s General StoreThe Rustic Pine TavernThe Dubois MercantileThe Stringer Hotel

Welty’s General Store

113 West Ramshorn Welty's General Store-  Dr. Francis H. Welty, doctor at the Shoshone Indian Agency at Ft. Washakie, homesteaded a mile north of Dubois in the early 1890’s. While he continued as the doctor for the Shoshone Agency his family resided on the homestead. By 1897, Dr. Welty’s son Frank, who had worked in…
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The Rustic Pine Tavern

123 East Ramshorn The Rustic Pine Tavern-  The Rustic Pine Tavern was built by Stanley and Gordon Shippen in 1919 and was operated as a pool hall at the time. During this time the upstairs was a rooming house and downstairs was known as the Hiway Cafe or the Hiway Pool Hall. Bob Harter and…
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The Dubois Mercantile

118 East Ramshorn  The Dubois Mercantile-  The Dubois Mercantile was built in 1913. It was originally 25’ x 75’ with two wings for storage. The business was run as a general store. In 1947 the corporation sold to Wyoming Tie and Timber Company after the timber operations closed at Dunoir. Tony and Betty Dolenc bought the Merc…
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The Stringer Hotel

202 East Ramshorn Steet The Stringer Hotel- The Stringer Hotel was built in 1914 by Oscar Stringer and his brother’s Asa, Ernest and Albert. Oscar and his sister Nettie operated the hotel. Oscar handled the registry and was the postmaster for the post office within the hotel. Nettie was the cook and served the meals. The…
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