The Stringer Hotel

202 East Ramshorn Steet

The Stringer Hotel- The Stringer Hotel was built in 1914 by Oscar Stringer and his brother’s Asa, Ernest and Albert. Oscar and his sister Nettie operated the hotel. Oscar handled the registry and was the postmaster for the post office within the hotel. Nettie was the cook and served the meals.

The second and third stories all had grates in the floor so what little heat there was could move up throughout the hotel. Whoever was above could see and hear everything going on below.

A salesman stayed at the hotel in the middle of the winter when it was very cold. He spent a very uncomfortable night due to the low temperatures. In the morning he went to the lobby to warm up around a heating vent. Jack Cunningham had just arrived from his place on the Dunoir. He was standing with his over coat and cap on, his eyebrows and beard had icicles all over them. The salesman said, "My God! What room did you have?"

Sue Beck says when she was a new bride living at the Trail Lake Ranch her mother had said she would write her a postcard every week from Philadelphia. None came, and finally she asked Oscar, "Don’t you have any postcards for me?" Oscar went back and found a stack of them and told her he hadn’t read them all yet, "But he would read me parts of what she had written." Sue laughed.

The Stringer’s sold the hotel in 1946.

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