Planned Giving

How to Plan Your Gift

The Wind River Cultural Centers Foundation has been established to support the three Fremont County Museums. Making a Planned Gift to the WRCCF to support museum most important to you is quite simple. The Wind River Cultural Centers Foundation will work with you to maximize the financial benefits. Here are six ways that you can make a planned gift to the museum(s) of your choice. Please remember that your planned gift can be made in your name or in the name of a friend or loved one.

Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds
You can make a gift of stock either by direct transfer or by mail.
Life Income Gifts
Gifts of appreciated property can generate income for you, provide positive tax benefits and support the museum. Examples of life income gifts are charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds and charitable remainder trusts.
You can reduce inheritance taxes by designated one of Fremont Counties museums (Dubois, Pioneer, Riverton) as the beneficiary of specific gifts of cash or a percentage of your estate.
Life Insurance, Retirement Plans & IRA's
Designating the Dubois Museum, the Pioneer Museum or the Riverton Museum as a beneficiary of a paid up to new life insurance policy, retirement plan or IRA reduces you estate taxes and helps secure the future of the museum.
Retained Life Estate
You retain occupancy of your property for life, but give your home or farm to the museum to be used to supplement its future income.
Real or Personal Property
You can give gifts of real estate, art, antiques or other personal property to the museum and you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of the gift from your taxes.

We Are Thankful for Your Gifts

"Any gift is important to our bottom line and we are extremely grateful for your commitment to keeping our museums great."

Scott Goetz:  FCMCD

Contact Mike Zirbel: WRCCF Board President at 307-850-6900 to learn more about planned gifts and start planning your own or go to to learn more or donate.

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