Nicol HotelDennison LodgeThe Caldwell Homestead/Dubois Wind River KOAThe Twin Pines Lodge

Nicol Hotel

Nicol Hotel: TUKADEKA TRADERS AND HORSE CREEK STATION In this immediate vicinity was the Nicol Hotel that was swept away by the flood of 1919. This building was later built in 1926 by Shorty and Mae Meckum as the Rustic Art Cafe and Indian Curio Shop. It is said that the east door is the…
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Dennison Lodge

909 West Ramshorn Dennison Lodge-  Richard Dennison was part of the Dennison Paper Company family in New Jersey. It was said that he went to school with the Edison boys, apparently the sons of Thomas. Dennison first came to this country in 1914 and acquired his ranch up Bear Creek. It included 5,500 acres of…
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The Caldwell Homestead/Dubois Wind River KOA

225 West Welty Street  The Caldwell Homestead/Dubois Wind River KOA-  This property was originally homesteaded by Bert Caldwell, some estimates are as far back as 1872. The original cabin is now located to the west of the main office, and is used for gatherings. There is a long bench down by the river that sets…
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The Twin Pines Lodge

218 West Ramshorn The Twin Pines Lodge-  Ernest and Ethel Stringer designed the building and helped the construction. Ernest "Rough Log" Johnson a local tie hack also helped with the construction. It was finished in 1941. There were seven cabins also built and finished in the 20’s and 30’s. An additional seven cabins were built…
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