The Twin Pines Lodge

218 West Ramshorn

The Twin Pines Lodge-  Ernest and Ethel Stringer designed the building and helped the construction. Ernest "Rough Log" Johnson a local tie hack also helped with the construction. It was finished in 1941. There were seven cabins also built and finished in the 20’s and 30’s. An additional seven cabins were built in the 50’s for a total of 14.

Mac and Anna Lee McGuire purchased it in 1963. They recall some fun times while they had the lodge. A lady from New Hampshire and her four children stayed at the lodge. She wanted to go to Double Cabins which are up at the end of Horse Creek road. Mac gave her directions, "turn up Horse Creek road by Dubois Cold Storage and keep going until you pass two cattle guards, then take a right and go to Double Cabins." About an hour later she returned and asked Mac, "What color uniforms were the guards wearing?"

Anna Lee tells a time where a tourist came in for a room but he decided it was too expensive. She said she was sorry but these were the rates. "Well," the traveler replied, "I’ll just drive on up to Moran Junction and get a room at the Y.M.C.A.!" Anna Lee laughed heartily in re-telling the story because everyone around knows there are no accommodations in Moran.

The McGuires sold in 1972.

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