Dennison Lodge

909 West Ramshorn

Dennison Lodge-  Richard Dennison was part of the Dennison Paper Company family in New Jersey. It was said that he went to school with the Edison boys, apparently the sons of Thomas.

Dennison first came to this country in 1914 and acquired his ranch up Bear Creek. It included 5,500 acres of deeded land and he leased other land in the area. He purchased the ranch from Charlie Birdsall. Dennison created a showpiece. In the lodge, the main room was a trophy room, which was odd considering he wasn’t a hunter. He would go to Africa twice a year and buy mounts to add to his collection. There were Persian rugs hung on the walls. When he entertained, butlers were brought up from Denver.

The curious were never permitted entrance, the place was known as one of the most exclusive in the entire west.

He had a fine horse breeding operation mainly Kentucky blue bloods. 16 Thoroughbred race horses from his stable were shipped from Lander to Lexington, Kentucky where they were distributed among prominent racing strings through the south. The horse barn was built in the shape of an "L" and held 150 tons of hay. There was another barn used only for horses.

The barns were torn down and sold for lumber out of the estate after Richard died.

The Dennison property was sitting vacant and used as storage by the Wyoming Game and Fish. A group of local people had it moved to its current location to preserve it. Currently it is owned by the Town of Dubois and is used for community events.

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