Welty’s General Store

113 West Ramshorn

Welty's General Store-  Dr. Francis H. Welty, doctor at the Shoshone Indian Agency at Ft. Washakie, homesteaded a mile north of Dubois in the early 1890’s. While he continued as the doctor for the Shoshone Agency his family resided on the homestead. By 1897, Dr. Welty’s son Frank, who had worked in the Trading Post at Fort Washakie for J.K. Moore had begun to bring in supplies to sell to area residents.

In 1903 after an extended vacation from Dubois, Frank Welty returned and purchased the store built at this site from Harry Youmans and George Hays. The store was modeled after J.K. Moore’s trading post and contained a post office and pharmacy. The store was stocked with rice, flour, sugar, salt, coffee and hardware. Fresh vegetables were available seasonally and were locally grown.

Frank was also a partner in a local bank immediately east of the store from 1913-1927. Welty’s General Store is still owned and operated by Frank Welty III.

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