The Rustic Pine Tavern

123 East Ramshorn

The Rustic Pine Tavern-  The Rustic Pine Tavern was built by Stanley and Gordon Shippen in 1919 and was operated as a pool hall at the time. During this time the upstairs was a rooming house and downstairs was known as the Hiway Cafe or the Hiway Pool Hall.

Bob Harter and Mike Guilford started the bar and established the Rustic Pine Tavern around 1935. During this same time period they used diseased wood to enhance the interior of the bar that is still in place today.

The Frontier Room was an addition built about this same time period and was the only large room in Dubois. It was used for many events by the local groups including the Episcopal Church, and was known as "Dance Land".

The men had the best operation in town. Harter liked to tell stories and Guilford was a typical barman who very rarely forgot a face or a name. Everyone felt welcome and stopped there before they picked up their mail in the afternoon.

Dance Land had a number of different bands perform over the years including, The Aces of Rhythm, a band that included Clarence Allison on the piano. In later years Clarence Allison organized another band with Les Fossey, Bill Meckem, and Ron West who joined later. Allison also played the Hammond organ and piano on his own at the Tavern for 17 years during the summer months. "Treg" Trego played once in a while. In Treg’s earlier years he played with "Red Nichols and His Five Pennies". Bert Muir joined in once in a while too. Their music was enjoyable, soothing and very danceable.

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