Woodruff Mercantile

Lander Mercantile Company - 1888

The Lander Mercantile Company was simply known as Woodruffs.  John Dwight Woodruff’s store opened up for business in about 1888 in a large brick building owned by Eugene Amoretti, Sr.  

He didn’t remain at this location very long as he soon commenced work on his own brick building. However, this brick building has a long history and has housed many businesses including Wah Lee’s Chinese laundry and bath house. In addition to his laundry and bath house he sold Chinaware, “imported direct from China.”  In about 1919 the building was Jerry Sheehan’s garage and ford dealership.

Woodruff was a man who had many interests and politics was one of them.  His political career began when elected state senator in 1890 and again in 1923.  

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