Vaughn’s Livery Stable

Vaughn’s Livery and Stable – 1891 (now Lander Christian Center 183 Main St.)

Originally from Illinois, William Lorenzo Vaughn settled in Lander at the age of 22.  He made his living as a rancher and later went into the livery business. Prior to his large brick livery stable, he had a smaller operation boarding horses.

Long before there were cars and garages, there were horses and livery stables.  When Vaughn opened up his livery business the only way mode of transportation was by horseback or on foot.  The railroad did not arrive until 1906.   

Those horses had to be fed and boarded.  Vaughn saw the opportunity and in 1891 he expanded his livery business.  The newspaper reported “Lander’s enterprising liveryman, William Vaughn, is making arrangements for the erection of a large livery stable.”  The original brick building was thirty by sixty with room for additions.  His business thrived.  He boarded and rented out horses, carriages and wagons to both locals and travelers.  The livery also sold hay, grain, coal and wood.

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