The U.S. Post Office

501 East Main Street

The U.S. Post Office - Construction on the Riverton Post Office began in 1940 and was completed in 1941.

The site for the Riverton Post Office was selected by the Post Office and Treasury Department committees. Work began in 1938 but was halted in December 1938 due to a lack of funding from Washington, D.C. and Riverton had to wait for more funding to become available. In January of 1940 bids were finally opened up in Washington, D.C. for contractors. The Jensen Construction Company won the bid for construction of the Riverton Post Office because they submitted the lowest bid of $94,789.00. The Jensen Construction Company also agreed to finish the structure within 300 days from the authorized date to proceed.

Materials used for the construction came from the state of Wyoming and Riverton as much as possible: A.L. Benshoof Company provided the plumbing, F. M. Hoffman provided the wiring, and M.J. Gilpatrick excavated the basement. General engineer inspectors from Kansas City, Missouri arrived in Riverton to give the final inspection of the new building on February 12th, 1941 and gave their approval.


  • The Riverton Post Office was a recovery project implemented by President Roosevelt and the New Deal Act. The New Deal put people back to work and completed projects that would have an enduring contribution to the United States and the Nation.

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