The Lapeyre Hotel

831 N. Federal Blvd.

The Lapeyre Hotel - Originally called the Wind River Hotel, the structure was built in 1907 by Ed Luthy and was one of the first hotels in Riverton. In 1910 the hotel was purchased by John Lapeyre Sr. who continued to run it as a hotel and restaurant.

In 1915, the original building was pushed back to make way for a new brick structure- the newer structure is what you see today and the old Wind River Hotel building remained on site until 1976 when it was torn down.

John Lapeyre Sr. ran the hotel in addition to a sheep ranch until his retirement in 1935 and his son, John Lapeyre Jr., took over. Lapeyre Sr. and his wife continued to live at the hotel until his death in 1941 and hers in 1950. The Lapeyre family owned the hotel for 65 years before it was sold in 1978.


  • Born and raised in the Alps, John Lapeyre Sr. emigrated from France to Wyoming between 1906 and 1907 after hearing from friends of the wonderful opportunities here.
  • The Lapeyre Hotel is supposedly haunted on the second floor by a ghost that has been seen looking out the windows.

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