The Acme Theater

312 East Main Street -

The Acme Theater - The Acme Theater was built in 1920 and was the first theater in Riverton. When it opened, the Acme boasted one of the best Photoplayers in America. Also known as "One Man Orchestras,” Photoplayers include a piano and pipe organ, as well as audio reproductions of a violin and drums all playable from a keyboard. The Photoplayers were used to enhance the experience of theater goers during silent films before sound films, or “Talkies,” were made available for public viewing. The first "Talkie" shown at the Acme was "The Broadway Melody" starring Charles King, Anita Page, and Bessie Love and opened at the theater on June 9th, 1929.

The theater went through a remodel in 1936 completely changing the interior with new paint, lighting, seating, curtains, and rugs. In 1952, Mr. Tom Knight introduced the town of Riverton to its first 3D movie.


  • In April of 1931, you could go to the movies for less than a dollar; tickets ranged from 10¢ - 50¢ depending on showtime and age.
  • The Acme Theater is supposedly haunted; while sitting in the theater you can often hear popcorn crunching under feet, even when the building is empty. The Acme has even been the subject of investigations by the Riverton Wild West Paranormal Society.

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