Lander Mill Grain Tower

Lander Mill Grain Tower – 1927

The local mill produced flour that was a hit with the local businesses and townspeople. The “Wyoma” flour and the breakfast cereal (similar to Cream of Wheat) were in demand.  Before the grain tower was built, there was a hopper on the side of the mill.  Farmers would bring their wheat in by wagon or truck and scoop or shovel the wheat into the hopper for storage in basement pit.

Lander Mill continued to produce a lot of flour so in 1927 a large elevator tower was built to store excess wheat. The railroad track was right beside the evaluator and a pipe coming from the elevator enabled operators to move the grain from building to building and to railroad cars. The production of flour, cereal, and the marketing of extra grain made the Mill a successful business.

In 1928 the Lander Mill became the first “franchised” dealer of “Purina Chows” livestock feed in the state of Wyoming. 

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