Coalter Hotel

Coalter Block – 1907 (now Gannett Grill 126 Main)

Originally was known as the Coalter House.  Thanks to the coming of the railroad to Lander in 1906, new businesses developed along Main Street.  William Coalter had the advantage of having his hotel across the street from the railroad depot.  His “House” provided lodging, meals and for an extra 25 cents you could purchase a hot bath.  He sold it in 1918 and for a while it was the Wayne Hotel.  Motels, bars and eating establishments have always served the community from this building.

William Coalter arrived in Lander in 1884 and lived here until his death in 1926.  During those years he was an enterprising businessman.  He first opened the OK Saloon and an opera house.  It was known as “Coalter’s Hall” and was located a few blocks from the present “Coalter Block.”  All the social functions took place at Coalter’s Hall.   

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