Archival/Digitization Team/Historical Identification

Under the supervision of the site curator/collections manager undertake specific projects that require accessioning, backlog, storage, digitization of photos, archival material, tapes to digital format, and help identify pictures and items, etc.

Dubois Museum (placing photographs on public computer so visitors can access their photographs – this also includes Identifying photos and labeling them, and organizing for ease of searching – long term goal.)


Training in computers (Macs & PCs – depending on site), collection management and artifact handling for photos and fragile documents, as well as training with Past Perfect 5 and FileMaker Pro.

  • Moving records from FileMaker Pro to Past Perfect 5 – Riverton Museum
  • Entering cataloged items into Past Perfect 5
  • Scanning photos & attaching images to records in Past Perfect 5
  • Scanning photos from photo collection

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