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“Esther Hobart Morris, The Unblemished Story of the Nation’s First Female Judge” by Kathryn Swim Cummings

In 1869 Wyoming Territory became the first government in the world to grant women the right to vote.  As Justice of the Peace in the boomtown of South Pass City Esther Morris became the first woman to hold office in the United States.  She was not a frontierswoman.  Like the typical men and women who actually make history happen, she was much more ordinary than extraordinary.  With her lifelong interest in abolition and women’s emancipation, she and her family moved from New York to Illinois and sent a son to serve in the Civil War.  She only moved to Wyoming Territory with her family at age 56.  Within a year she had applied for and been accepted as justice of the peace for Sweetwater County.

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“Wyoming A History of the American West” by Sam Lightner

Sam Lightner will present this Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers Series program on June 24th at 7 p.m. Lightner, is the author of a new book on Wyoming history. He will be talking about the book and signing copies. Wyoming defines the west. It was the home of the Mountain Men, the Immigrant Trail, Red Cloud's War, and the birthplace of American Women's right to vote. Butch Cassidy, the Pony Express and the Union Pacific Railroad became legends. Wyoming has been the center of the most colorful and influential events of the American West, and Lightner's entertaining new book dives into it all.

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