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“Borners Garden Cemetery Trek”

Visit one of the historic ranch cemeteries in the Lander Valley on this Wind River Visitors Council Adventure Trek hosted by the Pioneer Museum, and learn about the families buried there.

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“Libby Flats” Book Launching and Signing

Libby Flats, a new novel by Alan O’Hashi, who lived in Lander for many years.  It is a coming –of-age story about how old and new friends confront their differences and discover the power of forgiveness.  The story happens during the twilight time of life when long-lost pals are closer than family and culminates at Libby Flats in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

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“The Arapaho Covered Wagon Redux”

Boulder Community Media (BCM) presents “The Arapaho Covered Wagon Redux” (Arapaho Redux), a documentary by Alan O’Hashi, which retells “The Covered Wagon” an epic 1923 silent film with a new soundtrack recorded by the Northern Arapaho Eagle Society led by Michael Ridgebear and the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy.

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“Lander’s Governor-Lester Hunt: Blackmail & Suicide-70 Years ago”

Lester Hunt was the only Wyoming Governor from Lander.  A well loved figure who was responsible, among many other things, for the Wyoming bucking bronc license plate, he ran afoul of rabid anti-communist Joe McCarthy in the 50’s and tragically died.  Senator Cale Case and author Roger McDaniel will talk about the life and legacy of Hunt.

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