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 “Rock Hounding in Fremont County” with Stan Grove

Wyoming has long been a geologist's delight, thanks to the diversity of its geological history and the abundant bedrock exposures that our dry climate and scarce vegetation make accessible. Not surprisingly, rock and mineral collecting in Wyoming is a rewarding experience for the same reasons. And Fremont County is at the heart of it all. Stan Grove, current president of the Riverton Mineral and Gem Society, takes us on a survey of rockhounding possibilities in and around Fremont County, from fossils to a variety of minerals and lapidary materials.

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“The Mysterious Train Robbery”

In 1899, the Wild Bunch robbed a train outside of Wilcox. Legend has it that they buried their ill-gotten gains somewhere in Fremont County but never came back to retrieve it! The Riverton Museum just unearthed clues that the treasure might be hiding on this very property!

Come join us in solving the clues to finding Butch Cassidy’s treasure and be prepared for a high-noon water-balloon catch to decide who gets it, weather permitting!

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“The Snake River Plain-Yellowstone Volcanic Province”

The Dubois Museum will host PhD Matthew Brueseke for July 6: 7pm @ Dubois Museum: “The Snake River plain - Yellowstone volcanic province (USA): links between bonanza gold-silver mineral deposits, extensional tectonics, and the Yellowstone hotspot” on July 6th at 7pm for this Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers program.

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