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“Torrey Canyon Geology Adventure Trek”

Join us to explore the geologic record of mountain building and basin formation in Torrey Canyon. There, we will examine ancient igneous and metamorphic rocks that underlie northwest Wyoming. We will discuss and see evidence for how these rocks were brought to the surface at ~65 to 50 million years ago forming the Wind River Range and Wind River Basin and explore the other incredible geological features that exist in Torrey Valley. Other features include the rock record of ancient landscapes, as well as more recent glacial activity. You will need hiking boots, water, lunch, bear spray, bug spray and trekking poles.  Social distancing will be encouraged.

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“Mason Draw Adventure Trek”

Mason Draw is filled with debris from the neighboring Wind River Mountains.  This makes it a great rock hounding area, but there is plenty of other interesting geology to see as well! Join us as we trek around the draw and see the evidence of crossbedding and old stream channels. The flowers are usually nice this time of the year too!

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