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“Weather Along the Trails”

Chris Jones from the National Weather Service presents "Weather Along the Trails”. “In the 1840’s and 50s it was estimated nearly one-half million emigrants traveled the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails. Each pioneer had one common, constant companion - the weather. Meteorologist Chris Jones with the National Weather Service will discuss the various challenges the weather posed - spring rains, a drier climate, wind, thunderstorms, and autumn snows - for these brave settlers of the West.

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“Trails Through Fremont County”

Join the Riverton Museum on this Wind River Visitor’s Council Adventure Trek on June 11th from 9-2pm with Craig Bromely to some of the famous, historical trails that passed through and around Fremont County. This trek will involve some driving and walking. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own water and sack lunch and is responsible for providing their own transportation.

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