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“Mystery Ranch Tour”

Dubois has a rich history of ranching which began in the 1900s, and there is no shortage of beautiful historic ranches in the area. Join us as we tour one of these historic ranches to learn about its history. To keep it fun, the location will be a surprise until a few weeks before the event! Be sure to bring water, lunch, and bug spray.  Social distancing will be encouraged.

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“Ranch Day for Children”

Participants will learn about and experience pioneer cooking techniques, roping, branding, rodeo, and the animals of the area with activities that are fun for the whole family!

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“Buckskins and Ballgowns: A History of Fashion and Dress ‘Out West”, 1920-1940”

Dr. Goodrum’s richly illustrated presentation will unpack the history of the vacation wardrobe in the American West and will consider the outfits, those who wore them, the etiquette and dress codes surrounding their wearing, as well as the related commercial supply chain that served dudes - and dudettes - alike.  Brimming with intriguing facts, figures, and lots of fashion, her presentation will interpret primary archive material in the form of dress artifacts, vacation brochures, diary accounts, magazine articles, photographs, and advertisements. 

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