“The Leapin’ Lariat” by Addie Holmberg

In The Leapin’ Lariat Holmberg plays with dialect and accent she must have heard in some Lander residents speech.  It speaks in combination of the western pioneer either really or in spirit still existing in Lander, the rodeo and the roping skills of residents.

She may also be using the lariat as a metaphor for the attraction of the Lander valley.

This poem was published in The Lariat an Oregon literary magazine in 1927.

The Leapin’ Lariat

By Addie E. Holmberg, circa 1925


Pioneers er getting scurser

In fer corners o’ the yearth,

But ole Lander has ‘em plenty,---

Ther’ the kind that’s really worth,

Wurth to set a lot o’ store by,

Real owlthentic ones, you bet,

Spotted Lander, roped and tied it,

With ther leapin’ lariat!


Leapin’ lariat, got ther bronco good an’ set,---

Spotted Lander, roped an’ tied it,

With ther leapin lariat!


Then others, quite a sprinkling’

Drifted in and stayed till dawn,

The wuz dealt so appetizin’,

Thet they wouldn’t wander on;

An’ then others heered o’ Lander,

Drifted in an’ stayed an’ set,

Lander tied ‘em, snug and pretty

With her leapin’ lariat!


Leapin’ Lariet gets the frisky dudes to set,---

All the West is envyin’ Lander,

An’ her leapin lariat!


Lander’s right fer celebratin’

With a wooley Rodey Oh!

Bronc’s ‘en cowboys, wild and rairin’;

They kin throw a rope en’ go!

Lander’s got the makin’s, likely,

With the Landscape round her set,

She can rope the world and tie it,

With her leapin’ lariat!

Leapin’ lariat get your bronco good and set,---

Spot th’ world an’ rope and tie it,

With her leapin’ lariat!

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