“Grounded” A touring exhibition of contemporary artists from Northern Plains tribes

Premiering at the Lander Pioneer Museum Oct. 2, 2022.

GROUNDED is an artistic exploration curated by ArtSpirit, the arts initiative of Episcopal Church in Wyoming, to inspire our imaginations about our need of being "grounded" in our relationship with all of creation: the earth and its wildlife, each other and ourselves.

GROUNDED will bring together an inspiring group of premier contemporary artists from Northern Plains tribes, whose artistic practice is a unique blend of their heritage and creative expression.

GROUNDED will be a touring contemporary art exhibition. It will also be offered simultaneously online through a virtual gallery.

Premiering at the Pioneer Museum in Lander, Wyoming October 2 through mid-November, then traveling to select cities in Wyoming.

Following the Wyoming tour, the plan is for the exhibition to be showcased in 2 other key venues within the US, then it will be shown in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

The organizing curator, Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler, the Bishop of Wyoming, has had extensive experience in coordinating large-scale exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

This exhibit is a follow-up to the very successful “Abraham” exhibit from 2021, which had a successful run at the Lander museum before appearing around the world.

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