Camp AugerLander MercantileCoolidge BuildingCoalter’s Opera House & Bar

Camp Auger

CAMP AUGUR - 1869 Camp Augur, a small military post, was established at the future site of Lander in June, 1869.  Original purpose was to protect the friendly Shoshones from enemy tribes; it served as protection for the white settlers as well. At Fort Bridger in 1868, Chief Washakie, leader of a small band of…
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Lander Mercantile

LANDER MERCANTILE -   1890 John Dwight Woodruff started his Lander Commercial Company business in the first block of Main Street in about 1888 in a large brick building owned by Eugene Amoretti, Sr.   He didn’t remain at this location very long as he soon commenced work on his own brick building in the second block…
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Coolidge Building

Coolidge Building - 1918 This building was built in sections.  It started out as one building and within four years it was expanded to include two additional stand-alone structures.  C.B. Coolidge moved to Lander from Lead, South Dakota where he had other business ventures.  He recognized an opportunity to make an investment in Lander and…
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Coalter’s Opera House & Bar

COALTER’S OPERA HOUSE and BAR - 1884-1907 William M. Coalter  started up his Saloon and Opera House business in about 1884-85.  The business was referred to as Coalter’s Hall.  He arrived on the scene when he was 34 years old and lived the rest of his life in Lander.   He was an active and progressive…
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